All the movement's in today's WOD are all movements as Whitney would say "Will save you from a mountain lion chasing you down." The ability to sprint short distances, have a powerful jump and pull your body weight up on to an object are all great skills to possess if you ever find yourself in this position. Or the zombie apocalypse and you haven't found artillery yet.

You've got to survive somehow, just avoid being bit!

1a. 4x 8/8 Front rack barbell lunges
-Rest 1 min-
1b. 4x 10 Ring rows AHAP
-Rest 1 min-

100m Run
25 Jump squats
20 Pull ups
100m Run
20 Jump squats
15 Pull ups
100m Run
15 Jump squats
10 Pull ups
100m Run
10 Jump squats
5 Pull ups