The other day we did some hang snatches and I didn't hit my max three times in a row missing my snatch out in front. Frustrating to say the least! One of my problems I have always had to deal with is mobility in the overhead position and I know I'm not alone in Elevation Nation. Found this great video today with some easy mobility movements you can do to help out. I know I am guilty of "forgetting" to do my mobility when I REALLY need to be dedicating myself to getting better. When it comes down to it our lack of mobility can really limit us when we are doing the Olympic lifts. I may never hit that Snatch PR if I don't get my ass on this mobility so I'm vowing to do my every week and I hope you guys are doing the same! Get with your personal coach (you should all have one and if you don't know who that is reach out to one of us asap) and find out what you need to be working on mobility wise so we can get you set up for success. 


3xME Planche hold
-Rest 90secs-

30 secs Burpees
1min Box jump overs 24/20"
30 secs Hang power cleans 115/75
-Rest 2mins-

*All out effort here. The goal is to make that 2 mins rest feel like not enough vs too long