2009 Games Champion Tanya Wagner crushing it on the Concept2. We recently added another rower. Get some!

WOD for Today:

In teams of two, with only one partner working at one time, complete the following relay: 1000 Meter Row 800 Meter Run 750 Meter Row 600 Meter Run 500 Meter Row 400 Meter Run 250 Meter Row 200 Meter Run

The Third Place

In life, we generally have 3 "places" that account for most of our time.  Home is the obvious one, and for the vast majority of us, work is the second.

We choose the third, and that is what makes it so important to our quality of life -it's where we get to stake out our personal territory that gets us happy and healthy. The third place isn't necessarily an every day thing, but it's the more often than not thing.  It's the place you'd prefer to be if you had your druthers.

For some, it's a social space - poker night with the guys or a weekly book-club.  For others, it's alone time - reading at the coffee shop or a solo 2 hour bike ride. For all too many, it's  part of home - the couch.

Whatever your third place is, make it intentional. Where you invest your free time has a tremendous influence on how you feel about your life. Make your third place an investment of your time. Make sure it pays you back in health, energy, and happiness. It had better not be something that is just filling space, because it may be the only time you get to take care of yourself today.

Obviously I think CrossFit Elevation is a pretty good third place. But I think there are others as well - playing in a band, on a rec softball team, volunteering at the shelter walking dogs, these are all good. You'll know your third place is working for you when you look forward to going there, and when you feel good about the time you've spent there on the way out.