Ahoy Mateys! Workout of the Day Five sets of: Front Squat x 2-4 reps @ 20X1 Rest 20 seconds Unbroken Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups x 10-15 reps as quickly as possible Rest 3-4 minutes; and then, Complete rounds of 15, 12 and 9 reps for time of: 135/95 lb. Hang Squat Cleans Burpees

If you don't have chest to bar pullups, do regular and try to really pull hard! If you don't have regular pullups, do assisted and try to make them chest-to-bar.

WODStack and Traking your Results.

Its really important to track your results for a number of reasons. On a motivational level, the tendency for many people is to look at the distance ahead and ignore the distance behind. So we watch the CrossFit games, for example, and think about how far we have to go to get to that level. But that ignores the progress we have made, which saps you of motivation. You feel like you are never getting anywhere because you aren't up to where you want to be. Tracking results and reviewing them is extremely helpful in this regard. For example, what I did for one rep last time I did CrossFit Total in deadlift I can now do for 3 reps.  Progress!

Secondly, particularly with regard to the weightlifting exercise, tracking results helps you remember where to start which saves time and energy. If the strength portion of the WOD calls for Back Squats in sets of 2-4, accurately getting the first set dialed in will allow you to go heavier faster, because you don't tire yourself out with too many submaximal load sets, for example. Plus you don't have to wander around and ask us how much you should back squat. Sometimes we remember and sometimes not.  Generally,m we're far more focused on the technique you are using with the bar than what is actually on the bar. In other word, we're watching you, not the plates.

WODStack.com is a tracking tool you can use to good effect for this. Find us on WODStack, get set up, and the WODs will show up. You just have to put in your results. I recommend just snapping a pic of the whiteboard with your phone before you leave and then updating it on WODStack when you get to work - in between Facebook and Angry Birds.