ATHLETE A: 10 min EMOM-7 T2B unbroken

ATHLETE B: 10 min EMOM-5T2B unbroken

ATHLETE C: 10 min EMOM- 6 kipping knee to chest

ATHLETE D: 10 min EMOM- 4 strict hanging knee ups, or 4 lying toes to bar modification 

* Try a bigger set than last week 

Partner WOD

In teams of two: For max reps

-9 min max row cals (must switch at the top of each minute)
-7 minutes max burpees over ERG (min set of 10 reps per athlete)
-5 minutes max T2B
-3 minutes max C2B pull-ups (scale up: bar or ring MUs, scale down: jumping C2B pull-ups)