Sunday Funday!!!


5 Rounds

20 Med Ball Cleans 20/14#

15 Push Jerks 115/95#

10 V-ups 


Barbell Club

This week we'll be working on assistance exercises related to the clean an jerk. A few benefits the push press provides include training the timing of the dip and drive, strengthening the posture of the dip position, increasing the rate of force in leg extension among a few others.

A pause clean pull aka clean segment pull is used to to strengthen each position of the pull portion of the clean. Weights should be challenging but not so much that technique is compromised.  :)

Push Press + Split Jerk

5x3 @ 75-85%

Pause Clean Pull

5x3 @ 70-110%

BBC Ninja Stuff

Straddle Press to Handstand