Hey Athletes! Nice work on starting May off RIGHT! Hard work pays off. We're devoting the front hallway black board to recording all our PRs. List them this week!

If you didn't make the board this week, remember, our sport is a journey, and we're here to enjoy the process! It's not always about maxing lifts; it's more often about our commitment to improving the quality of our lives, daily maintenance, community, and loving our bodies and all they're capable of achieving. We're here to have fun, get an hour's reprieve from the stress and pressure of life, and support one another.

Much love,
CFE Staff


Warm Up

400m run or 500m row
3 rounds of:
10 - R leg RDL with light kettlebell
10 - L leg RDL with light kettlebell
10 - Alternating side lunges
 * 50 Glute bridge buy out 


10 Min AMRAP

Deadlifts @75%

In between sets --- Dumbbell Z-press 8-10 reps (tough sets) or 4-6 pike HSPU


7 min EMOM:
5 OHS, build if possible

Immediately followed by (8 min time cap):

1000 Meter Row / 800 m run
Max push-ups

-score equal weight + reps, each 100m on rower counts as 1 rep.