As some of you may already know, Coach Kristine is withdrawing from her position as coach at CrossFit Elevation. A long-standing member of the Elevation family, Kristine exemplifies the way in which a relationship with fitness can grow from an interest to a passion. After several years as a CrossFit Athlete, Kristine pursued her goal of becoming a certified USA Weightlifting trainer so she could advance her technical skills, and, well, because loving the barbell is never quite enough. You must infect others with the same barbell obsession, or it’s just not as much fun. She later earned her CrossFit Level 1 certification so she could guide those who have never picked up a barbell through the fundamental movements and concepts of the sport that had such a positive impact on her life. Although her services will be deeply missed, we're grateful to retain her as an Elevation athlete. Meaning, yes, she's still watching and judging, so keep those elbows high and those glutes fired!

There will be a few modest changes in the upcoming schedule, but we’ll keep you abreast of those changes as they come. Please don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts and concerns. We welcome your feedback, always.

12 minutes to 2RM Snatch with 3 second pause at hang, each rep
1a. 2 x 2 Snatch with pause @ 85%
-rest 30 seconds-
1b. 2 x 8 each leg single leg Romanian deadlift with kettlebell
-rest 30 seconds-

Buy in: 20 cal row
Overhead squat 115/75#
Cash out: 20 cal row