Warm Up

1k Row


ATHLETE A: 6×3 strict knee to chest then foot to bar, lower yourself down as slow as possible 3- sec rest btw sets
https://youtu.be/e5UihSdIXD0 (video just for reference, full front lever is not a option yet, however this is how you must bring your body up, keep feet together.)
ATHLETE B: 5 kipping t2b + 3 kipping t2b with as slow as possible eccentric phase. 4-5 sets
ATHLETE C: Kip + knee to chest
ATHLETE D: Scaled dragon flag
can break at hips on the way down


30 min AMRAP:
In teams of two
50 DUs
50 Wall Balls (20/14)
50 KB sumo DL high pull 70/53
50 DUs
50 Jumping Lunges
50 DUs
50 Burpees to Plate (45#)
50 RKBS (53/35#)
50 DUs

Reps split 50/50