Ascent Team Promo

Our people, come in Monday and meet the Ascent Team. They'll be giving out samples and free things, and trying to sell you a product that we really value and deem worthy of your wallet. Get your protein here!

Murph is upon us!

Saturday, May 27th, is our Memorial Day celebration with the hero WOD, "Murph." Read more about the soldier we honor here

Heats will be conducted at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., and 11 a.m.

After party will be held at Kristine's house, who lives approximately 8 minutes from the gym. She has a grill and a patio and an enormous, yet friendly, pit bull. Ask your coach for details. 


Part I: 4 x 5 bench press @ 75-80% of 1 RM
-rest 30 secs-
Part II: 4 x 15 dumbbell/kettlebell bent over rows
-rest 30 secs-

50 DU
20 Push ups
15 Power snatches 95/65
100 DU
15 Power snatches
20 Push ups
50 DU

RX+= 10 HSPU instead of Push ups
*12 mins time cap