Dear Elevation Nation! We’re excited to announce the events we have lined up for the next few months for your entertainment, education, and all-around fun.


5/28/16 Saturday - Mile High Murph

Our annual Memorial Day commemorative workout honoring those who have fallen while serving our county

6/18/16 Saturday - Cheesman Park Elevation Outing

An opportunity to have a little fun together off the mat. Bring your hacky sacs and sippy cups for some fun in the (hopefully) sun!

6/25/16 12 p.m. Saturday - Row Clinic

CFE will host an in-house Row Clinic with special guest, Cameron Gridley, a seasoned crew athlete. This 2-hour workshop will guide you in perfecting your technique and efficiency in the slide.

7/16/16 Saturday – Double-Under Clinic

Let’s troubleshoot your pitfalls and devote time to mastering the rope without the pressure of a wod. Already got your double-unders? Cool. How many?

7/31/16 Sunday - Elevation In-House Olympic Lifting Meet

Barbell Club is entering a new 12-week “Technique Cycle” that begins this month and concludes July 31st with CFE’s first in-house Olympic Weightlifting Meet! The CFE OLY MEET will be conducted in the style of a traditional weight-lifting meet: two lifts, three judges. Whether you’re new to competitive lifting or your Olympic training just needs some direction, start hitting the bi-weekly BBCs to secure your place on the podium. We welcome your family and friends to this event.

8/7/16 Sunday - Whitney’s Birthday/Elevation Outing Clear Creek Party

This was so much fun last year, we’re going to do it again.

8/13/16 Saturday – Gymnasty Clinic: The Bar

Muscle-ups got you down? Kips? This clinic is going to focus on the progressions from a pull-up to a kipping pull-up to a butterfly to a bar muscle-up.

8/27/16 Saturday - Elevation In-House Competition

Alright, you’ve got three months to train for this epic in-house event! Whether you’re new to competitive sports or just need a calendar date to light a fire under your CrossFit butt, this is an opportunity to bring your fitness and athleticism to the next level. We welcome your family and friends to this event.

15 minutes to 1RM tempo front squat 5-5-X-5
3 x 1 tempo front squat @ 85% of above

2 minutes ME Row for cals
-rest 1 minute-
1 minute ME Wall balls 20/14#
2 minute ME sit-ups
1 minute ME Wall balls
-rest 1 minute-
2 minute ME Row for cals