Before and During Photos

( note - these are Tara's direct comments on her journey here. I haven't touched the text at all, haven't touched the photos. All I have to say is this - Tara shows up 3 times a week, ready to work. she does a good job with her diet, but we've never weighed anything, never measured anything, and never talked about the scale. I think this post might be more interesting to some if there were more "numbers" associated with it. i think the better/healthier/safer/saner way of measuring your success in this area is to look at how you look, feel, and preform. Tara's thoughts here have naturally gravitated in that direction. Anyone that wants anything more specific will have to ask her directly. - Jason) Since I’m not done or finished with CrossFit (hopefully I’ll never be!) I wanted to call these my before and during photos. I’m 8 weeks in and couldn’t be happier with my results. Obviously, you can see physical body changes (which is super exciting for me!), but how I feel on a day-to-day basis is what really helps me to get up every day and make smart choices about my health. Working out every day and eating a Paleo diet — (most of the time, everyone needs a cheat meal now and then) — has made me a better athlete, a better employee, a better friend, girlfriend and family member. I’m happier, I’m stronger, I’m all around a better person.

Why? Because I have energy to do things and the drive to live life off the couch.

Now, I’m sure people will ask, “How much weight have you lost?” That’s the natural question. But, as you all should know, scales DO NOT reflect whether or not you’re in shape. I weighed-in at 137 poundswhen I first started CrossFit (first photo). Now, after 8 weeks, I’m at 141 pounds (last photo). We’ve all heard that muscle weighs more that fat. Well, it’s true! I’ve obviously lost fat and gained muscle. And even though I look skinnier, I actually weigh more because I’m stronger. So, throw away your scale.( note - I cannot tell you how satisfying this is for us to see and hear . -Jason) Thanks to everyone at CrossFit Elevation, especially one of my coaches Jason Cox, for encouraging me every day to push a little harder and for giving me the tools and direction to be a strong, confident woman.

I’ve never had a body like this, but most importantly, I’ve never felt this good! No matter what your fitness goals, CrossFit Elevation can get you to where you need to be. Quit saying that you can’t do something. Quit making excuses. ANYONE can do this and ANYONE can get these results. You just need to try and come in every class ready to break personal records and push your body to the limits.

Stay tuned for more transformation photos!