Please, watch these 2 short videos. Please share them with those you know that may be suffering from poor health, regardless of age, and regardless of their current situation. It's the story of a very typical woman in her later years, battling a lot of health issues, getting some medical runaround, and finding a way to reclaim her life and her health through the only thing that has ever worked: hard work.

I do, of course, care if you try CrossFit.  I can't honestly tell you I think it's the best fitness program the world has ever seen otherwise. But really, more than I care about CrossFit, I care about health. I care about making health the norm, rather than the exception. And I know from experience that eating intelligently and working hard physically is the only way to get there.

I am on a mission to make this country a healthier place and to rebuild people.How would it feel to operate, every day, from a place of feeling good? Feeling healthy? Having the energy to tackle the challenges of your life? How about actually getting to enjoy your retirement? Being an active presence in the lives of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

It's all possible, if you just put in the work. Mary proved it - her doctors had literally given up on her.  But she got past the nerves, and the embarassment, and did what she needed to do. The reward? She gets to have the rest of her life. And she gets to do what she wants with it.

Please share this with anyone you may know that is in a similar situation. Radical turnarounds in health ARE possible.  As cool as it would be to have a gym full of people that could crank out Fran in under 3 minutes, I'd rather have a gym full of people like Mary that keep showing up, keep proving everyone else wrong, and keep on enjoying their lives and sharing that with their loved ones.