involves, apparently, wearing this ridiculous ice-suit, riding this bicycle-thingy, and being hooked up to a bunch of machines. I can definitely see this catching on:

Apparently the whole point is to get your body to produce lactic acid, and therefore increase HGH (human growth hormone) production. Increased HGH production is a really, really good thing. It's as close to a Fountain of Youth as actually exists for us. If you have more HGH, you're effectively younger, regardless of what your driver's license says. HGH production drops 14% for every ten years past puberty you are. So if puberty is roughly 14, and you are now 34, you're down about a third of your max, and you still have a good 50-60 years to live. Scary, no? So ANYTHING you can do to increase HGH production is good, and will make you look, feel and perform like a younger person far into your golden years. While you're still young, increased HGH production will just make you a snarling, ravenous superhuman beast. Also good.

So this awesome wetsuit-bicycle-spacemachine is the solution! It makes lots of lactic acid and therefore lots of HGH!

Except for that we already do that EVERY SINGLE DAY IN THE GYM. Lifting heavy, high intensity intervals, sprints, etc all have been clinically shown to produce increases in HGH production. Here is just one of the hundreds of references. Here's another that specifically tests effects of deadlifts and squats. both frequently spotted in our gym.

In sum, if you want to look, feel and perform better, younger, faster, stronger, etc, keep doing what we already do at CrossFit Elevation. Or, you could try the spacebicycle above. But you'd look like an idiot.

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