1a. 3x 3/3 TGU 24/16kg1b. 3x ME T2B

Partner WOD

60 Thrusters 95/65# 80 Pull ups 100 Push ups 120 Sit ups * Partner 1 works on reps. Partner 2 does 250 Run with med ball.

Athlete Spotlight -- Jared "Beach Boy" Nuhn


Age: 27 Occupation: Student of Environmental Science How long have you been training here? One year next month How did you get started in CF? I heard about CF years ago when I was in the army, but never got to try it because I didn't know how to do many of the standard movements. I kept trying Globo Gyms, but I never had fun, never felt progress, and just generally didn't like it, though I wanted to be healthy. Once I found out my friend Chris Bossom was going to CFE, I immediately asked him about it. He got me a gift card to receive all the Jumpstart classes for free. Once I went in, I have never thought about doing anything else. Favorite workout? Maybe "Randy." It's probably the easiest of the "Hero" WOD's, but its just 75 power snatches. Having an entire workout of just one Olympic lift is pretty awesome. Least Favorite workout? I did "Kalsu" once. I NEVER want to do that again. Favorite movement? Any of the Olympic lifts. They're very difficult movements, but are very rewarding once you get the hang of them. Least favorite movement? Can't decide between push-ups, or thrusters. I hit muscle-failure very quickly with push-ups, but thrusters tire me out quicker than anything else. Biggest accomplishment here? Doing the Whole Life Challenge last fall, and actually doing really well. They don't call it a challenge for nothing, and being able to finish 12th out of 57 or so people felt really good. Hardest thing you have learned here? You can always keep going. I'm constantly having to tell myself to do just one more rep. I always want to quit, but if I tell myself to do one more rep, or five more, the workout seems to finish itself. Favorite nutritional tip? On a day where you have time, make a bunch of meals at once, and put them in Tupperware in the fridge. It's so nice when I can just grab a complete meal and run off to school and not have to worry about eating crap at school because that's all that's available at school. Favorite healthy recipe or meal? Chicken cooked in tomatoes, onions, BACON, and garlic. It makes a juice that even by itself is amazingly delicious, and Brussels sprouts on the side. Most helpful recovery tip? Though I'm terrible about it, drink lots of water, especially after a workout when your body craves water the most. Having a good meal right after a workout helps too. Advice for beginners? Push yourself. Don't worry about being the fastest person in the workout. You will feel much better about yourself if you put on a little extra weight, or one less rubber band on the bar. It's a great way to make progress.