Today's Athlete Spotlight: Mya S.!
(editorial: Mya is pretty new to the Elevation Nation. However, we wanted to focus on her because she is having such good success on the Whole Life Challenge. Even though we aren't even halfway done, Mya has already lost 12 pounds. She's following the fat loss prescription - which is to keep the carbs below 30g a day every day and then go nuts on the carbs on the evening of the fifth day. She's also chosen the modified challenge: "I've chosen the modified WLC diet so I can have brown grains (but try to avoid), yogurt (but only eat greek yogurt and only for breakfast) and a drink a day (which I only do on the weekend)" and is still getting amazing results. Read on for her tips and feedback.)
1. Toughest part of sticking to the 30g carbs a day? I'm not technically tracking so I'm not sure if I'm sticking to it or not but do make wise choices when I buy food by looking at the carb content.
2. Foods or meals that have helped?  almonds; snack foods such as larabars, red peppers and apples. I try to find a new snack or meal every week so I don't get bored.
3. Foods to be avoided? meats with "hidden" sugars like bacon and sausage
4. How have you been feeling? Hungry, tired, good energy, whatever - I've had great energy and am only hungry if I don't plan ahead and have snacks on hand.
5. How has the high carb meal gone? It's been awesome and feels very indulgent until you wake up the next morning and realize you can't have carbs for another 5 days!
6. How are your workouts going? I've only been able to do CrossFit about once a week but supplement by going to the gym and doing cardio and strength training
7. What have you learned so far? It really works! I've also learned how much better I feel without cheese and gluten in my system.
8. Advice for people trying to do this? Plan. Plan. Plan. Make your meals ahead of time and if dining out, look at menus online so you can select the restaurant accordingly. If you screw up a meal, don't beat yourself up and do better with the next meal as opposed to the next day. If you have young kids, make meals that you can share as a family so they can learn that this is a lifestyle as opposed to a diet. And, make sure they hide the Oreos so you're not tempted!
Mya also gave us possibly the coolest testimonial we have yet received:
CrossFit clicks for me on a physical and emotional level. I like loud angry music set to fast paced strength training -- it's like being back in a mosh pit in the mid-80's without the cheap beer and getting kicked in the ribs. :-)
If you'd like to get results like Mya's, you should follow a prescription like Mya does. Ask your coach for more info, but start in on the 30g of carbs per day. It's tough, but as you can see here, it works!
WOD for 130313: Strength: Pause Front Squats
Conditioning:7 min AMRAP 5 Box Jumps 36/25” 10 OHS 115/75”