Is your plan good enough? You're one week into the Whole Life Challenge. It's Friday. Bad things may happen. The question is, what's your plan for dealing with them?  Do you have a plan to help you stick to the challenge when everyone else around you is moving in the opposite direction?  Have you planned out your cheat meals or are you just rolling the dice?

Put some thought into those plans. Think about when and where you're going to be tight and when and where you're going to be loose.  Try to balance the Challenge with the normal human need to have a little fun.

Finally, some of you may find that you have fallen off the wagon, so to speak.  The most important thing you can do when you realize you've dug yourself a hole is to stop digging. It's easy to tell yourself that you've lost all your points for the day already, so why not enjoy yourself as much as possible until the next day. But that's some stinkin thinkin. Think about what you really want and why you signed up for the WLC in the first place. Make that next meal a healthy, WLC meal. Drink your water. Do some stretches. Get it togethher. You'll be much happier in the long run that you did. You have every day after this is over to entertain yourself. Just be good, for now.




WOD for 130222:

"The Chief" 5  rounds, 3 minutes each round, 1 minute rest. Amrap: 135/95# Power Clean 9 pushups 6 Squats