The Whole Life Challenge is right around the corner. We have many folks who have done it before and for some of you it will be your first time. For the first timers and those who have not signed up yet you may be worried about all of the lifestyle changes. How will I adapt? What will I do if I am having trouble with my diet? What if I hit a wall and am not sure if I can continue? Well do not fear! While you will be focused on challenging yourself there will be a community of 10,000+ athletes that will be able to help you through any questions or problems that may arise. Once registered for the WLC you will have access to forums which will contain tons of information: recipes, restaurants, websites and other people’s daily experiences. This will be a great support system but you will have an even greater one - your community of athletes and coaches in the Elevation nation! The athletes at our gym are always there to support you because they have and will face the same challenges as you. Keep calm and get signed up! Coach Jason explaining some particulars of the WLC for the Elevation Nation.


WOD for 130213

7 minute AMRAP 10 Hang power cleans 155/115 # 10 Pistols (alternating)