"Building Daily Habits to Achieve Your Goals" Seminar

Happy New Year! Have you done your Goal Setting or made your Resolutions for 2017? Good! But that is just the "starting line" and not what this seminar is all about. This is about "getting to the finish line" & creating sustainable habits and lifestyle choices, which will inherently lead to long-term goal achievement.

Join Adam Baca (Founder of Elevated Health & Fitness) & Jeremy Katz (CrossFitter and Co-Founder of Kojo Life: Continuous Improvement) as we break your #Goals down into small, incremental daily habits. Our Mission is to "Support your daily habit development, so you can stay motivated & work hard to achieve your goals".

This seminar will last about 45 minutes and cover the following topics:

- What is a Habit?
- Top 5 Barriers to Habit Development (and how to avoid them)
- The Habit Loop: Triggers, Routines, & Rewards
- Keystone Habits
- How to Build New Habits
- How to Replace Bad Habits
- The Power of Intention & Belief
- What are the Goals, Purpose, & Habits you seek to integrate into your life? Together we will identify your 6-12 months goals (What does success look like?), Core-Value Purpose (Why are these goals important?), and the Daily Habits need for success.
- Introduction to www.kojolife.com: A Habit Building Tool Made Simple

If you want to make 2017 the year you actually stick to your resolutions and accomplish your goals, you are going to want to attend this workshop.

Added Bonus! All attendees will be entered in drawing to win a prize from Best Self Co. We look forward to supporting your journey of continuous improvement, progress, & elevation, and we'll see you there!


15 minutes to 1RM Clean

9 minute AMRAP
3 Clean & Jerks (power) 95/65#
3 Burpees over the bar
6 Clean & Jerks
6 Burpees over the bar
*continue to add 3 reps each set until 9 minutes is up

*Rx+ = 135/95#