JamesWOD for 130205:

Strength: High Bar Back Squats, 6x2 @ 85% 1rm -then- 4 Rounds for Time: 400m Run 15 Ring Dips rest 1:1

The SECRET way to get better results, faster

People have often asked us for something that will deliver better results in less time. Something that will allow them to develop their handstand push-ups, or back squat, or 400m sprint faster. Something that will allow someone to get their first muscle up quicker, or snatch their bodyweight sooner, or do "Amanda" rx'ed. There is a substantial increase in the volume of these questions that comes along with the substantial increase in goals during the first 2 months of the year.

We're finally ready to reveal this program that we've been working on in secret.

We call it "Working Harder".

Facetiousness aside, the only way to get to your goals faster is to work harder at them. This assumes, of course, that you have a plan, and maybe some guidance, on what you should be working on to get to your goals. If you have that in place,  Working Harder is the only thing that has ever been positively correlated with better results.  Day in, day out, regardless of goal, Working Harder will get you there.

How do you get started?

There's 2 parts.

1. Do your quarterly coaching call with your Personal Coach. You probably received an email from your Coach in the past week or two. If not, ask us. We may have your email address wrong.

2. Start working on those goals every day. If youw ant to acheive them in a timely manner, youc an't take days off. Regardless of how you feel, rain or shine, work on your goals. Remember the 20 Mile March.

We're making it easy for you. Starting tomorrow, we've added some Open Gym time to the schedule. We'll continue to find some spots where we can add some open gym time as staffing allows.

Here's how Open Gym works.

1. Open Gym is NOT a substitute for coming to class. If you start skipping class and only coming to Open Gym, we'll have words. This is a coaching facility, not a drop-in workout place.  We trust you can find the nearest Globogym. Open Gym is for extra work, and, occasionally, to make up a WOD that you missed. Note that the power is in the group and that if you regularly do the WOD by yourself, you will not get nearly the same results. 2. Open Gym is uncoached. There will be a coach in the room - but not to teach the class. Feel free to ask them a question. They can suggest a warmup or help you scale a workout, but they cannot coach you like it's a class.  They have other things they are working on. Please respect their time. This means that they are not available to watch your technique or write a special workout for you. They are there to provide a safe environment. If you're doing something unsafe, they will let you know, and you will stop doing it. If you're planning on coming to Open Gym, you should be able to operate pretty independently. 3. All gym rules apply during Open Gym.  All of them. 4. You'll have to police yourself on good reps. Trying to get progress while simultaneously allowing bad reps is like trying to build the world's tallest building out of egg cartons. Ain't gonna happen. 5. Open Gym is available for those of you with Unlimited memberships on an unlimited basis. If you don't have an unlimited membership, Open Gym counts as one of your classes for the week. If you're out of classes for the week, you'll be charged the drop-in rate of $15. Choose wisely - and think about upgrading. 6. You need to have been with us for 90 days before you can start open gym. This period allows us to establish a baseline of technique with you so that you can practice good form, not bad form. Think of it like a martial arts school - they don't let you go and practice with the real swords by yourself on your first day. 7. Other Open Gym times will be announced here and there - yet another reason to stay tuned on Facebook. 8. Open Gym works best when it is combined with a specific plan from your Coach. Coming in unpredictably and doing unpredictable exercises will yield, you guessed it, unpredictable results. Don't just show up to put some work in - have a plan. 9. Like everything else new here, this is an experiment and is subject to change without warning.

Hope that makes sense. If you have questions, fire away.