Erika Erika. Note, this is not a costume. This is typical.

Age: 27

Occupation: Program Manager, Transportation Solutions

How long have you been training here: 8 months

How did you get started in CrossFit: I was introduced to Crossfit Elevation when my boyfriend Matt began interning here, shortly after we moved to Denver from Oregon. I had done some crossfit before at Crossfit SW Beaverton and had a great experience, but had fallen out of practice after the move. At first I came to all the fun social events and was drawn in from there! Now Matt's a coach and I try to get in at least 3 days a week. Oh how far we've come!

Favorite workout? Elizabeth (and you know I'm doing the Elizabeth Challenge- who's with me?) I would also like to suggest a new workout, which will be choreographed to late-90s boy band songs. Maybe for my birthday...

Least Favorite workout? Nancy. Last time I had to be reminded to "keep my composure"

Favorite movement? Kettlebell swings

Least favorite movement? Anytime I see 'handstand' on the board I break out into a cold sweat. My palms are actually a little sweaty as I type this.

Biggest accomplishment here? Setting a routine and doing my best to stick to it (and make up classes that I miss). I can see my persistence paying of.

Hardest thing you have learned here? My performance on any given day can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes I'll feel great before the workout, then be struggling so much that I want to just drop my barbell and run for the door. Of course, it goes the other way too and I haven't actually bailed yet.

Favorite nutritional tip? Everything in moderation.

Favorite healthy recipe or meal? Using spaghetti squash in place of pasta with pesto or tomato sauce.

Most helpful recovery tip? Rest is important! Every once in awhile I'll go for longer than usual without taking a day off. I get very smug and self-contratulatory and then immediately get sick.

Advice for beginners? Don't get too down on yourself when you are the last to finish or take longer in a WOD than you'd expected. Everyone has their on and off days and everyone is cheering you on. On a final note, one of my favorite things about Crossfit Elevation is feeling like I'm part of a very supportive team. I love chatting with my teamates and seeing them work hard and reach new heights. It's always a fun way to start my day. --Erika

Reading material for the weekend: Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation - Harvard Business Review


WOD for 130201:

Strength: Tabata Support Hold on rings

WOD: "Grace"

30 Clean and Jerk 135#/95#