Knowledge! Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Nutrition Seminar last night. There was a ton of information covered - probably more than you can digest at once.  We'll be breaking down some individual pieces on the blog here every Wednesday.  The best plan of attack, though, is to schedule a consult with your personal coach. These are free for all members of the Nation! Depending on your membership level, you receive these as often as once a month. Additional consults are available should you need them.  Get YOUR situation dialed in!

One question that came up last night was Stevia. As luck would have it, our friends Next Level Crossfit happened to post about stevia this morning on their blog. You should follow them on Facebook - their nutrition information is always quite sophisticated. Check out the science in their blog post, but here's the quick highlight:

"if you want a sweetener, stevia is pretty awesome, and actually improves insulin sensitivity and has been shown as beneficial to glucose metabolism. It's also been shown to lower postprandial (after meal) levels of both glucose and insulin... so less sugar and insulin floating around after a meal (ie better efficiency)"

So, as far as sweeteners go, Stevia is as good as it gets and seems to actually improve your metabolism. Which is awesome! Stevia is totally kosher for the Whole Life Challenge, as well.

WOD for 130130: Partner Workout 100 Strict Press 65/45# 100 Front Squat 65/45# 100 KBS 55/35# one member works, while the other rows 250m, then switch.