Thanks for visiting, Greg

  Thanks for visiting, Greg

The 20 Mile March

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great (the best book on business ever written) uses the idea of a 20 Mile March to describe real progress against a huge goal. The idea here is that if you have an audacious goal - in this case, walking across the USA- the optimal strategy isn't to talk 50 miles a day when it's sunny, 5 miles  a day when it's rainy, and 0 miles when it's too cold. The best strategy is to walk 20 miles a day, regardless of conditions, regardless of how you feel, regardless of what you did the day before. The idea comes from the strategy of Roald Amundsen in his race against R. F. Scott  to reach the South Pole.   Scott drove his team hard when the weather was great and did nothing when the weather was bad. Amundsen, however, went roughly 20 miles a day, regardless.  Some other factors certainly played into it, but the consistency of Amundsen's approach led him to finish without any casualties. Scott's team never returned - they all perished on the return trip, having reached the pole long after Amundsen.

How does this apply to you? How about your audacious goals you set for yourself in the new year? What's your 20 Mile March to reach these goals every day? It's not enough to just put the goal out there. You have to get up every day and march your metaphorical 20 miles towards that goal.  If you're not sure what your 20 miles is, ask your coach.

WOD for 130128:

Strength: 3rm Bench Press -then- 3 rounds for time 800m run 10 Push press 135#/95# *try to make your 800m get FASTER each time