Why isn't the gym packed this time of year?

People often ask me if I am swamped this time of year, because I am in the fitness business. Happily, I am no more swamped than usual.  Which is to say busy, but not drowning.

Why is that? Why aren't we any busier right now, during the New Year's Resolution season than at any other time of year? All the Globo Gyms in town are just packed - people waiting in line for every piece of equipment in the house. It's bad enough that there are multiple memes about it :


Why aren't we like that? Because ours is not the easy path.

Globo is easy. It's not challenging. You're not going to wonder what you are doing with your life at Globo.

No one, in the middle of a treadmill session, has ever regretted every dietary decision they have made over the past month.

CrossFit gyms don't get packed because it's not easy enough.  We don't court the New Year's Gymgoers because we don't want to deal with them bailing in March. And we don't want to deal with them complaining when the workout is too hard, or the diet is too strict.

Ours is not the easy way, but it's the right way. We are not for everyone. But for those who chose our way, we guarantee the absolute best.  And we hope you enjoy the thrill of not having to wait for a piece of equipment, or wipe off someone else's sweat while you achieve your elite fitness. You're welcome.

WOD for 130111

Bring a Friend Day 2:

AMRAP 20 Minutes: 200m Run Tabata mash up of.....

some exercises. It's a secret. Your friends will wonder why they came. Mobility WOD: a great warmup for running from BMack of CrossFit Endurance: