Dr. Sunshine!

WOD for 121219

Back Squat 1×3 @75%, 1×3 @85%, 1xME @95% Then...

2 minutes ME Double- Unders

-then (without rest)- 3 rounds for time of: 15 Power Cleans 135/ 95# 50 Double-Unders

It's snowy!

Please bring clean gym shoes to wear for your WOD.  When you wear your gym shoes down the street and into the gym, everyone has to do their workout in your shoe-slush-salt-mud. Do you want o do burpees and situps in that? Me neither. Please don't do it. Bring a change of shoes

Secondly, watch for Facebook posts about cancellations, delays, etc. That is how these messages will go out, and yes, we do get up at zero dark thirty to check the weather rather than calling it the night before.

Mobility WOD: Double Under Prep