WOD for 121206

Team "Cindy" Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can in teams of two: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats

Why grass fed meat and whey? 


You might have noticed new protein on our shelves this week at Crossftit Elevation- Stronger Faster Healthier. We switched because we believe this protein to be the absolute highest quality whey protein available in the world today.  SFH protein is better for both you and for the environment.

Grass fed beef and grass fed protein are healthier for humans to consume because they come from healthier animals. Cows are healthiest when they range free on grasslands.  Most cows raised for meat production spend some time in pasture and then are sent to a feedlot for fattening before slaughter. In the feedlot they are generally fed lots of corn, which fattens them up. Unfortunately this is not the healthiest feed for cows. Corn finishing causes serious changes in the tissue health of the cow, and this is passed on to us when we eat it. These changes occur in the omega fatty acid profile of the meat, as well as decreases in important nutrients like conjugated linoleic acid. The same goes for dairy produced in these environs.

In addition, these animals experience a pretty rough life.  Feedlots are cramped,an d cows cannot move much. They are forced to sleep, walk, and eat amongst their own feces. So how does that effect us? These feedlots are pretty rough on the environment as well, because they concentrate all the waste products into one stream. Infections and illness spread rapidly due to cramped conditions, and much higher rates of antibiotics are common.

Finally, SFH is produced in the absolute best manner - it's undenatured, which means it hasn't been "cooked" excessively and is both more potent and more nutrient dense. It has nothing artificial - the flavorings are 100% natural.

Purchasing grass fed beef and dairy products like Stronger Faster Healthier is a double whammy -you are improving your own health and also improving the environment.

Mobility WOD -Shoulder Range of Motion