WOD for 121203

Strength: Shoulder touch practice, 12 min -then- 5 rounds for total working time of: 3 Hang Power Clean @ 80% (of 1rm Clean) 6 Box Jumps 36/30″ 12 T2B Sprint 100m 3 Hang Squat Cleans @ 80% Rest 1:1
Level One Classes: Review: Clean+ jerk from pos 2
Skill of the Day:  Clean+ jerk from pos 3
  WOD: 11min:
11 push press,
11 ghd,
11 Squat

Don’t wait until New Years to start your transformation!

I know we have been blasting everyone with info lately; challenges, resource guides, our upcoming holiday party, etc… But, honestly, it is because we realize it is tough to get through the holiday season while also staying healthy.  It’s getting colder outside, slowly, and everyone in the office is tempting you with those holiday cookies and treats! The easy way out is to say to yourself, “Oh well, I’ll just get back to the gym at the beginning of January when I decide to act on my New Years resolution!” However, after watching everyone in the gym, I know that we are not a group who chooses to take the “easy way out.”  Elevation Nation is tough! We like to sweat, PR, and push ourselves to our limits, right?

So don’t let this time of year distract you from your goals or delay the progress you all have been making. Check out our resource guide and our workout guide that is full of workouts you can do at home. Don't put yourself on diet and excercise vacation until January - you'll just have that much farther to go when you get going again.

Resource Guide

Workout Guide

Don’t wait until New Years to make a resolution to better yourself. Do it today, heck, do it every day! Don’t let the next month stop you from becoming the very best PR breaking, burpee loving, fire breathing athletes that we know you all are!- Mean Gene

Mobility WOD : Running recovery!