Rope Climbs at CrossFit Elevation in Denver, CO  

Congrats to Kate for graduating from our Foundations program. Ask her how she feels about pushups now versus day one!

Everyone starts at Foundations, because that's where you learn the basic movements necessary to do CrossFit workouts safely and effectively. We want to start slow and build a foundation of good mechanics and movement that will yield top performance down the line. We want to build you up. not just throw you into the deep end and see if you can swim.

Everyone starts Foundations with the Baseline workout for time:

200m Run

15-12-9 Squat -Pushup-Body Row ( Round 1 is 15 of each, round 2 12 of each, round 3 9 of each)

200m Run

Kate's initial time on this workout was 12:35. the last workout of Foundations is the same as the first, to see the progress you've made.

After 10 classes and the completion of the Foundations program, she completed the same workout in 7:34!Thats an improvement of 5 MINUTES and 39.8% in just 10 classes!

If that isn't results, I don't know what is . we're very proud of you!