CrossFit Elevation, Denver

CrossFit Elevation, Denver Thank you very, very much to everyone that came out for the 9/11 Memorial Workout yesterday. Your sweat is a small but beautiful gesture of tribute.

WOD for 120912

Strength: Front Squat 5@ 60% 5@70% 5@75% 5@75% Conditioning: 21-15-9 -KB Swing 32kg/24kg -incline pushups - 12’ box -power snatch 75/55


Two Month Challenge or Foundation for a Healthy Life? - Coach Matt

The Whole Life Challenge is going to be a great opportunity for everyone involved to change unhealthy habits into new healthy ones. With an easy to use point system, prizes and good old friendly competition this will make tough tasks, like cleaning up your diet, a little easier. However I hope this can be more than a two month competition. This should be the first two months of the rest of your life. To get the most out of your entrance fee, think of this as learning to ride a bike with training wheels. By the end hopefully you have learned to set goals, make changes, create good habits, and achieve everything you desire. When a child can first ride a bike without training wheels is the next step selling the bike and move to something else? No, the next step is to keep riding and learning how to ride for longer and faster.

The first step is to set realistic goals. The best goals are black and white. Saying “I want to get stronger” is not a good goal because it is subjective. Saying you want to increase your Crossfit Total by 100 pounds is a real goal because you will either do it or not.

Habit changing must start slowly and be consistent. If your diet is in need of a makeover, start by adding one piece of fruit or vegetable a day. Do that for as long as it takes until it feels natural and not forced.

Let the world know your goals. If a burglar were to break in to your house would they know you are trying to lose 10% body fat and run a sub 8 minute mile? Post notes and reminders everywhere as well as let your friends, family, and coworkers know about your goals. The more people you have on your side the better.

Excuses are like ass… you know the saying. There is always an excuse not to do something. With a little planning everything is possible. The three daily objectives in this challenge that no one should miss are fish oil, mobility, and the workout. Get in the habit of taking your fish oil with breakfast and dinner. If you are too busy for breakfast (or have to microwave a Poptart), then a lifestyle change must occur.

Everyone will have to find different tricks and methods but the outcomes should be the same; a healthier happier person. The Whole Life Challenge is a great way to create a foundation for healthy living. The idea should be to get to the end of the two months with a great head start on the rest of your life.

Mobility WOD Challenge Day 32: