Watch this. Warning, some graphic footage of his injuries. Awesome story.

WOD for 120910:

Back Squat - 10@60%, 8@65%, 6@70%, 6@75%, 6@80%


50 Double Unders 12 Pistols 40 Double Unders 10 Pistols 30 Double Unders 8 Pistols 20 Double Unders 6 Pistols 10 Double Unders 4 Pistols



In order to support our two teams competing at Barbells for Boobs on Saturday, We are moving the prelims back by two hours. They will now be at 8am. Secondly, they will be taking place at the park at 11th Ave and Speer Boulevard.  Should be much more pleasant.

The makeup date for the Whole Life Challenge Prelims will be 7pm on this Thursday the  13th. Same location as above - the park at 11th and Speer.


Mobility WOD Challenge Day 30: