CrossFit Elevation Denver

CrossFit Elevation Denver  

WOD for 120906:

Strength: 3x: max quality effort dips rest 60 sec max quality effort pushups


5 burpee pullups 5 ghd situps 10 burpee pullups 10 situps continue until 25 burpee pullups 25 situps


Knee High Argyle Socks Make You Stronger

Were you watching the CrossFit Games or go a CrossFit gym and wonder why people wear knee high socks?  At first I thought that it was just a fashion trend; all crossfitters wear long socks and on top of that, ridiculous colors and patterns.  After training for several months, I have learned that long socks are always good to have on hand, especially since our WODs are constantly varied.

I usually wear them every day, always preparing myself for the unknown variable of the day, the strength component of the day or the workout of the day.  Why might you ask?  In a case where our work out may involve any type of lift from the ground, our technique involves keeping the bar close to the body.  The socks help to cushion the contact as the bar is drawn up my shins.  I still get bruises, but hey, at least I know I am doing my lifts right, and my bruises are not as bad with the socks.  Rope climbs are another skill that would benefit from wearing long socks.  The socks help to dampen any possible rope burns that may result from that dang rope.

My final reason for wearing such bright, ridiculous colored socks is so that cars don’t run me over when I am running up and down the alley way.  I also find that the argyle ones make me stronger, faster, and last longer.  But so you know, there aren’t any studies on this, but that how it is.  I really love the diversity of socks it may have started as having a practical function, but has definitely expanded to a fashionable level as well.  That’s why I love my socks and I love CrossFit, it has it’s practical nature and I can be fashionable.

Take it or leave it, wear it, feel it, Love it.

- Tranimal, instructor-in-training and sock lover. Mobility WOD Challenge day 29: