Paleo Diet Seminar

Paleo Diet Seminar at CrossFit Elevation  

Excellent turnout for the Paleo diet seminar last night. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks much to Rachael Bowen for dropping science. Below are the documents we handed out, in case you need them. I encourage you to really dig into them, there is a lot of inofrmation here:

CFE Shopping listPDF

CFE Where to eat outPDF

CFE Kitchen StaplesPDF

CFE Food Matrix FrontPDF

CFE Food Matrix BackPDF

WOD for 120830: Remember that we are also testing front squat this week - by the end of this week you should have established a 1rm back squat and front squat.

August 30, 2012 Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Warm Up
Roll Out                                 upper Back, lats, keg drill
Mobility                         Front rack stretch with rubberband
Skill                           Front squat positioning.
WOD 5x5 front squat                                     12 min- 1rm front squat 


Run 400m                              run 600m                                Run 800m 40 Wall Balls 16/10                60 Wall Balls 20/16                 75 Wall Balls 20/16 run 400m                               run 600m                                Run 800m

Cool Down 5 laps walking around the gym.standing calf stretchdownward Dog