-Most of you know Sonny. He's been with us quite a while, and he's a real pleasure to work with. He also blew out his ACL and his meniscus.  Wish him well and a speedy recovery. I will miss him while he is gone. Send your positive vibes his way!

-Rachael's Paleo Seminar is tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 730 pm. The crowd is going to be pretty large and we will run out of seating, so if you have a camp chair or something, that would be much appreciated. Make sure and bring all your questions!

-WOD for 120828:

15 Min to practice snatch balance, if you have already established  a new 1rm back squat this week.


8x200m sprints. The goal here is to keep the fastest and the slowest sprint within 2-3 seconds of each other. Score is the fastest and the slowest sprint.

Mobility WOD Challenge Day 27: