Stop what you are doing and watch this video of KStar as he explains torque in the hips as it relates to healthy posture, squatting, back pain. Expect your coaches to use the "20% organization" test he demonstrates.

The 500 Burpee Challenge.

I am so committed to getting you all signed up for the Whole Life Challenge that when we hit 50 people signed up, I'll do 500 burpees.  That is going to suck real, real bad. Why would I do that? Because I want you to sign up, dude. Because it's going to change your life, Because it may be the little push you needed to finally get your healthy eating habit established. Because it works. Because it makes it fun to be good. Because it's worldwide and I want you all to see how well you can do vs. the entire world.  Because it will work. Ok?

On that note, here are some sandwich alternatives, as I am sure you like sandwiches, because you are humans.

WOD for 120823:

12 minutes to work on 1 Behind the neck, snatch grip push press plus 2 overhead squats.


7 minute squat clean to thruster ladder.

Every 30 seconds, you'll do a squat clean to thruster (because that's the most efficient way to get the thruster going). Each successful one, you add weight. But you have to be ready to go again every 30 seconds. When you fail or are no-repped and cannot fix it before time runs out, you're done. Score is highest thruster.

Mobility WOD Episode 26: