We are only a few hours into registration for the Whole Life Challenge and we already have 18 people signed up. I am AMAZED. This is literally going to be like sitting on a barrel of dynamite. Couple of reminders: 1. Random prizes for registrants over the next 30 days. 2. Someone that registers before Midnight 8/15 is going to get in free. 3. Whomever nationally gets the most friends and family to sign up gets a trip to LA to see a Lakers game ande a Lakers memorabilia prize pack. No big deal. 4. The announcement of the 1-3rd place prizes will blow your mind.

WOD for 120815

Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 8 minutes, 2 clean and jerks at 82% Rest 2 minutes 2 clean and jerks at 92%

-then- 12 minutes to climb the ladder 4 overhead squat 135/95 4 toes to bar 6 overhead squat 6 toes to bar ........ to infinity.

MWOD Challenge Day 20:Listen, here's why you should care about the MWOD now.

In order to score your exercise point for each day, your minimum activity is 10 minutes of active recovery. That describes the MWOD exactly. So if you're already in the habit of doing it, and it is therefore easy for you, all those points will be easy money.