Rachael Bowen - Certified Nutrition Educator

Join us Wednesday August 29th at 730pm for a seminar we're calling, "How Do I Do the Paleo?" It's a great way to get prepped for the Whole Life Challenge. It will be presented by Rachael Bowen, certified Nutrition Educator. It is free and you can certainly bring your friends/family. Here's a quick hit from Rachael's bio.


After struggling with a plethora of skin issues and digestive dysfunctions for much of my life, I finally started linking my diet with what was going on inside of and on my body. Nothing like being covered in an unexplainable rash for a couple months to get the gears turning in your brain. Eliminating gluten from my life in 2008 was the first of many “ah-ha” moments. I graduated from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in 2009 as a Certified Nutrition Educator and began working for a private practice in Boulder dealing mostly with food allergies and insulin sensitivities. Although it may be hard to believe, I have become even more food obsessed over the years and recently graduated from Culinary School where I studied classic French cooking i.e., let’s eat bread with every meal and put flour in every sauce. This was an incredible experience because I quickly realized how easy it was to substitute coconut oil for canola oil, healthy dead animal meat for factory farmed meat, and how to thicken a damn sauce without flour. Not eating a pound of pasta forces us to be creative in the kitchen, and that’s where it can be really fun and extremely satisfying. I love educating people about the effects of food in the body while at the same time providing practical advice on taking steps toward an improved lifestyle. Did I mention that I’m obsessed with food? Creating a lifestyle around food that not only fuels our body and absorbs beautifully into our digestive system but also tastes amazing and is easy to prepare is what makes the most sense to me – anything else doesn’t seem very practical or sustainable.

 What will you physically take away from this talk:

  • Grocery/Shopping list: We’ve all heard about perimeter shopping, now go do that.
  • Food Matrix list– here’s any easy way to make anything into a tasty meal
  • Where to stuff your face in public list: Eating out is undeniably one of our favorite things to do – here’s where you can do that without throwing all your dedication out the window.
  • Websites and Blogs full of Recipes


Topics We'll Cover:

  • Blood Sugar Rollercoaster
  • Role of Insulin
  • Insulin Sensitivity and CrossFit
  • Origins of Paleo
  • How to Shop Paleo
  • How to Prep and Cook
  • What cooking oils can I use?
  • What about breakfast?
  • Will fruit get me in trouble?
  • What about nuts- are they ok?

Lastly, we'll leave plenty of time for questions.... including everyone's favorite, "I love to eat__________, is that Paleo?"


This seminar is an EXCELLENT starting point for the Whole Life Challenge and is really not to be missed!

WOD for 120822:

10x1 3' deficit deadlft (45lb plate) at 75% of 1rm rest 60

7 rounds 10 push press 135/95 10 wall ball (7 min)

Mobility WOD Episode 25:

10 min cap Test: Leg Straight, eyeball your dorsiflexion (don’t let your knee bend) MWod: 2 Min of loaded ankle mobility work done before your training. If you are performing the Mwod not in the same hour as jumping, go ahead and squat the whole five minutes. If you are doing the squat before training, only 2 min. Save the balance for POST jumping/training. –Free up the skin on your heel chords. Take as much time as you need. Remember to test to see if it makes a difference. We usually get upwards of 10 degrees from this alone. (fascial release with percussion…) –Contract relax your calves with a straight leg bias. Calf stretch on the wall. Re-test: You should weigh less than a slice of bread…