The Whole Life Challenge opens for registration tomorrow. We're very excited, because we get to engage in what we do best and what we love most: changing people's lives, making them better.

We simply cannot wait to see what EPICNESS you all have in store for us. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about 4 upcoming events you will definitely want to attend: 1. A Practical Paleo seminar on Wednesday, August 29th at 7pm. This is a good lead in to the WLC- you'll want to have your nutritional strategy ducks in a row BEFORE the challenge kicks off. 2. The WLC Prelims on Sept 15th. This is the official first day of the Challenge and we'll kick it off in style with a workout. This is the initial fitness test that will be repeated at the end of the challenge. Do not miss it - you can't win otherwise. 3. Two kickoff meetings - We'll be reviewing the rules on Wed, Sep. 5th and Thur, Sep 13th. You'll need to make it out to one of these.

WOD for 120814: 15 minute to establish 3rm back squat

3 rounds for time 2 rope climbs 20 Sit ups run 400

Mobility WOD Challenge Day 19. By the way, you have to do SOMETHING EVERY DAY to score that point in the Whole Life Challenge. Active recovery for 10 minutes at a minimum..... sounds a lot like the MWOD.