Sonny and Alison

Sonny and Alison at CrossFit Elevation Workout journals are available for you at all times. They are free. If you have one of the old binders, you can use that - feel free to leave it here. If you have a CrossFit app on your phone, use it. Taking a picture of the whiteboard doesn't cut it.

Workout for 120731:


*The Back Squats are based off of YOUR THREE REP MAX.

1) Back Squat (please read the directions carefully):

Set 1: 1 Back Squat every 30 seconds for  for 2:00 @ 85% (5 total reps) – DO NOT re-rack the barbell until all 5 reps are completed. *Rest 3:00 exactly. Set 2: 1 Back Squat every 30 seconds for  for 1:30 @ 85% (4 total reps) – DO NOT re-rack the barbell until all 4 reps are completed. *Rest 2:00 exactly. Set 3: 1 Back Squat every 30 seconds for  for 1:00 @ 85% (3 total reps) – DO NOT re-rack the barbell until all 3 reps are completed.

Notes: Percentage is based off of 3rm. To further explain the sequence, once the barbell is taken out of the rack for each set, it should not be returned to the rack until the entire set is complete. Yes, this means that the time in between reps will be spent holding the barbell

Conditioning: 10 minute AMRAP

50' of burpee broad jumps 15 pullups.

Yoga tonight at 7pm!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should do yoga:

1. Stress reduction. Modern life is stressful. Anything you can do to reduce your stress is  a step in the right direction. 2. Sleep. Evening yoga is an excellent way to unwind before sleep - and sleep is the most important factor to physical recovery outside of diet. 3. Breathing. Yoga isn't really yoga unless you also engage the breathing part of it. Yoga will each you how to breathe deeply and correctly, and how to stay calm within uncomfortable-ness by breathing through it. 4. Balance. Yoga practice can substantially improve your physical balancing skills - overall and on one arm/hand/foot/leg/whatever. 5. Joint mobility. We all need it. Yoga will improve the flexibility, mobility, strength and function of your joints. It will make you move better. This will transfer to performance in anything, not just in the gym. 6.  Recovery. When your joints are healthier, and you have less chronic inflammation in your system, your body has more resources to focus on things like adding muscle and building VO2 capacity. Result? Improved performance. 7. Mental Focus. The challenging poses in yoga require 100% mental focus.  Developing your focus in yoga will help you stay laser-focused on whatever the task at hand is. 8. Learn to appreciate your body. Every time you get your body to do something new, like yoga, you should have some increase in appreciation for what your body is capable of.  This helps you retain a positive body image for the long run, because it isn't based on appearance, which you can't entirely control. 9. Mix up your routine. Yoga is a great counterpoint to the strength and conditioning work that we do every day. 10. Strength. Yoga WILL make you stronger. I guarantee it.


Mobility WOD Day 8: