Klokov. Gold medal clearly within reach this year. He just outworks everyone else. In a sport of doughy chubs, he's a walking anatomy lesson. Here he works up to a 240# strict snatch press. And the always fun to watch Lydia Valentin

Jared- Hang Squat Snatch from CrossFit Elevation on Vimeo.

And our very own Jared - looking pretty slick on the hang squat snatch.

Workout of the Day for 120725: Strenf: 1a: 4x Max False Grip Pullup 2a: 4x Max Parallette Pullup

Conditioning: "Isabel" 30 Snatch. 135/95 Load appropriately and keep it clean and fast.

Mobility WOD Challenge Day 3:

Coach Tara's Write Up of the Competition a couple weeks back:

CrossFit Elevation’s First Competition a Big Success

When we decided to host our first competition for first time competitors, we didn’t know what to expect. Would people sign-up? How would we handle logistics? What about scoring and judging? When registrations started trickling in right after the event site went active for the June 30 competition, our worries about whether the gym would be full went out the window. Now, it was all about putting on a great, well-organized event.

Close to 50 competitors and more than 100 spectators packed the gym from wall to wall. The cheering and support that each person there showed to teammates and fellow competitors was incredible. You never forget the sound of a CrossFit competition!

Final Standings

Here are the top three athletes from each division. Congratulations to you and everyone else who busted their butts during each workout! A big applause goes out to CrossFit Elevation athletes Jayna Hartig and Alejandro Romero for placing in their respective divisions. Way to represent!!

FEMALE BEGINNER: 1 Laura Munro 2 Robyn Prosser 3 Amber Curry

FEMALE ADVANCED: 1 Stefanie Metcalf 2 Jayna Hartig 3 Emily Malcuit

MALE BEGINNER: 1 Tony Hill 2 Matthew Swarts 3 Alejandro Romero

MALE ADVANCED: 1 Blaine Guenther 2 Scott Salzman 3 Jordan Schindler

Moments of Success

The success of this event could not have happened without our Elevation community coming together to help with judging, scoring, event set-up/breakdown, etc. Thank you to everyone who helped out. Sierra Nevada provided the beer and Caveman Cafeteria provided a food truck, which sold out roughly two hours early. Thank you both for being a great “extra” to our first event.

Most importantly, the event ran smooth. Each heat started right on the minute that it was supposed to. Our equipment help up and our space was utilized pretty well. The positive feedback we received from competitors was greatly appreciated!

Lastly, a big thank you to the athletes who competed. They were attentive, competitive and encouraging. To show up and compete for your first time (and do three workouts in one day! ) against people you don’t know and in front of people you don’t know can be intimidating. It was wonderful to see the spirit of each athlete come out during the workouts. Also, the sportsmanship that each athlete had was truly inspiring!

Lessons Learned

This being the first competition we’ve ever hosted, we ran into some kinks and learned some lessons.

Next time, we’ll run smaller heats or find a bigger space, like a park. Space was tight during the workouts that required barbells, but overall, the athletes adjusted well.

Also, we apologize to the female beginner division for including pull-ups in your first workout. In our pre-event release of max weights and movements, we did put that no pull-ups would be included. That was a clerical error, but alas, everyone grabbed an assistance band and cranked out some technically sound pull-ups!

We also learned that our judging system needs to be a bit more streamlined and scheduled out early so each judge has a “shift.” CrossFit Elevation will be hosting more judging clinics to help people feel comfortable with that difficult task.

Final Thoughts

About halfway through the day, owner and coach Jason Cox came over to me and said, “Remember when it was just you and me in the mornings at our little space across the street?” I literally got the chills. To look out and see athletes, coaches and owners from CrossFit gyms up and down the front range in our gym was a great moment of pride and success for CrossFit Elevation.

As we all know, CrossFit is a community of people who want to lead healthy, fit lives. The key word here is COMMUNITY. This was evident when you walked in the gym that Saturday and heard the cheers echo through the room. Whether you were the first one to finish or the last, each athlete got the support they deserve. I’m finding it hard to think of another sport that operates this way.

We plan to have another one of these in the future so stay-tuned to our website and our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/crossfitelevation). If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it! E-mail tara@crossfitelevation.com.

Thanks again to everyone for making this such a great experience!

Tara Miller Intern Coach CrossFit Elevation “Better Every Day”