Hondro's New Shoes

Hondro got some new shoes. Will they help? I bet they will. Weightlifting shoes, according to 2009 CrossFit Games Champ Mikko Salo, will add 20kg to your squats straight out of the box.

WOD 120725:

12 minutes to establish a 3RM Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press.


4 rounds for time of:

5 Power Snatches 115/75# 10 BB Step-ups 20″ 115/75# 20 Lateral Burpees

*Every 3 minutes beginning on the 3rd minute, no matter where the athlete is on the WOD, the BB must be held overhead (using a snatch grip) for 30 seconds. If the bar is dropped at any time during the 30 seconds, there is a 20 penalty Burpee to be performed after the WOD is complete.

And the Evolution 2.0 winner is…

In May, the journey to the “new you” began. It was a grueling, but very rewarding, 45 days for the CrossFit Elevation athletes who decided to participate in the challenge.

The point of the challenge was to get in the best shape the athlete has ever been in and transform their way of living. This was not a gentle ramping-up to full participation — As Jason put it, “It’s diving in to the deep end. It’s dropping a grenade (of health) on to your metabolism by means of intense exercise and strict diet. There are no free rides. It will work.”

And for all of you who participated, it did work.

The Challenge

Each athlete had to throw $50 in the pot. From there, they would focus on three main components: fuel, work and maintenance. Each one supports the other, so the challenge was to get all elements in-synch and working together to obtain the best results. The athletes would track their points based on exercise, food intake, sleep, water, and several other factors. There was a possibility to get 27 points per day plus bonus exercise points, so the athlete had the potential to get 1495 points over 45 days.

Aside from points, the athletes success was measured by body composition change (using a measuring tape) and the improvement of the workout “Nancy,” which is 5 rounds for time of 400 meter sprint and 15 overhead squats (weight: 95 lbs male/65 lbs female).

The Outstanding Results

Men’s Winner: Gene Ramirez

He got 803 points, but what was more exciting were his body fat changes and “Nancy” improvement. Here are his results:

Before: hips - 32", biceps - 12 3/8", thigh - 22 1/4", body fat - 21% After: hips 31 1/2", bicep - 13 3/4", thigh - 23", body fat - 8.7% “Nancy” time was 22:16 before the challenge and 18:46 after.

Women’s Winner: Gemma Arnott

She got 955 points and saw great improvement in body fat percentage and inches lost. Here are her results:

Before: hips – 40 1/4", biceps – 12 1/2", thigh – 22 1/4", body fat – 31.9% After: hips – 39 1/2", biceps – 12”, thigh – 21 3/4”, body fat – 21.2% “Nancy” time was 23:39 before the challenge and 19:35 after.

Honorable Mention- Nick Arnott

We cannot post the winners without mentioning one athlete’s amazing improvement with “Nancy.” Nick Arnott went from 23:05 to 19:30 – that’s a 15.5% improvement in 45 days. INCREDIBLE!

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to train with Nick, this isn’t all that surprising. His work ethic, positive attitude and consistency is why he is one of the most improved athletes at the gym.

Congratulations to Gene, Gemma, Nick and everyone else who completed the challenge.

What’s next? A Mobility WOD challenge…..Details here: http://www.crossfitelevation.com/?p=1370.

There is also the next level of this type of challenge starting in September - the Whole Life Challenge kicks off September 15th. Stay tuned for details! And.... today's Mobility WOD. Who scored points yesterday?