Happy Birthday Joaquin

And also happy birthday Steener. Thanks for sharing your day with us! Special thanks to Rafi from CrossFit Valiant - visiting this week. He's a cool guy and probably stronger than you.

WOD 120724: EMOM for 7 minutes:

2 Back Squats @ 90%


3 rounds for time of:

7 Front Squats 185/120# 21 KB Swings 32/24kg Run 400m

Mobility WOD Challenge Kickoff! Here are the rules: 1. One point per day, mobility wod will be posted here, not today's wod from mobilitywod.com. Gotta start with the basics. Feel free to follow along, today is Episode One since we got started late in the day yesterday. 2. Put your name on the spreadsheet here 3. Keep track of your own points and do not lie. 4. After 100 days, whomever has the most points will win a month of free membership. 5. If your performance and quality of life have not improved in 100 days I guarantee that I will quit running the gym and you can do it instead.

To reiterate, here is Mobility WOD #1 from Yesterday.

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