Which one of these is going to be more efficient? Which one exhibits better core strength?
WOD 120723:

15 minutes to establish a 1RM 3-Position Snatch (High-Hang, Hang, Full).


12 minute AMRAP of:

30 Double-Unders 20 Shoulder Touches 10 Strict Pullups

Here's a video from Spealler to help with the double unders:

Mobility WOD Challenge:

I'm throwing down the gauntlet here. I've gotten lazy not only about posting Mobility WOD's but also about doing them myself. And after watching the Games last week I can tell you two things for sure. 1. Major movement problems will absolutely prevent you from making it to that level - except maybe as a specialist member of a team.

2. The ability to recover from a  workout is critical to playing in/competing in the sport of CrossFit. Many of you are interested in competing right now - you WILL need to take care of yourself in between events.

So here's my challenge. I am committing to doing the Mobility WOD for the next 100 days. I will post it here, you can follow along wherever - most of these can be done at home.

I guarantee you that in 100 days you will have improved any benchmark you choose - so pick them. Pick one that hurts you during or afterward - for example, "randy" is 75 snatches at 75# and my shoulders hurt pretty badly afterwards because I have some shoulder damage that I don't take care of well enough.

What's the challenge? We'll get a score sheet going via Google Docs. Anyone that wants in can get in. No cost. Winner is the person with the most points after 100 days, one point per successful completion of the Mobility WOD. Winner gets a free month. Deal?

Ask questions - I am Mobility certified by the Head Supple Leopard himself, KStar. I know most of this stuff pretty well. I would also recommend getting his book, "Becoming a Supple Leopard" which is available for pre-order on Amazon right now.

Simply put, if you want to perform not only better in the gym but better at life, there is no faster way than investing 10 minutes a day into this.