The CrossFit Games

Workout of the Day for 071219:

Strength: Pick one - make up the Back Squat from Tuesday, or: 1a. 4x Max effort L-sit hold, rest 30 seconds 1b. 4x Max effort Handstand Hold, rest 30 Seconds

Condtioning: "Helen" 3 rounds 400m Sprint 21 Kettlebell Swing 55/35 12 Pullups

My thoughts on the games, in no order.


  1. Reebok absolutely threw down in terms of support. Truly outstanding. Immediately following the awards ceremony there was a catered buffet BBQ open bar thing for EVERYONE THERE, all 20k people. Amazing. Big props also to GNC and VitaCoco.
  2. It was run literally like a machine. I have never seen an athletic event proceed with so few hiccups. We wasted no time waiting for things to happen – they just did.
  3. It’ll have to be somewhere bigger next year. We sold it out – and then some
  4. The fans are just awesome. The whole weekend felt like being at a huge block party. People are so nice, they lend you a phone charger or save your seat or whatever.
  5. You can buy so many paleo/crossfit t-shirts your head will spin. I bought about 20. You can also buy a ton of other awesome stuff.
  6. Rogue is also amazing to the fans – they had a whole area set up all week where anyone could drop in and get coached through a WOD. Free, top level coaching, great experience. The crowd was great here too.
  7. The level of competition was just phenomenal. With the exception of Annie and Rich, no one repeated. Every division had some surprises and some shuffles. For example, last year CrossFit New England destroyed the field in the Team division – this year they didn’t even make the finals.
  8. The mystery, WTF event rears it’s head again. In case you didn’t hear, they started the games a day early by making everyone do a sprint triathlon (open ocean swim, mountain bike ride, uphill run) followed by obstacle course racing. They do this every year – throw something in that nobody sees coming. Note to 2013 games hopefuls – include Tri’s in your training!
  9. Veterans continue to be relevant. Matt Chan wins silver at 34, the oldest guy ever to make the podium. I think you really see the intelligence and savvy of the veterans. Matt clearly watched the first 3 heats of the football sled-rope climb event, and came out and ran a clinic on everyone else in terms of efficient sled technique. You have to know how to compete at CrossFit just like any other sport.
  10. Rich is unbeatable right now. He has no weaknesses and his mental game is impeccable. He cranked out a 90-second Isabel after 4 days of competing. He finished 114 points ahead, winning 2 of the last three events. The competition was over by the end of Saturday. Sad to say, but the race is for second for the near future.
  11. Annie may be beatable. She finished 90 points ahead of Julie Foucher who just barely squeaked by Talayna Fortunato.  She can be beaten, but it will be tough. She is an excellent competitor, and she know how to work the crowd, and she is absurdly young.
  12. The real competition will be in the teams as individuals realize they cannot beat Rich or Annie and compete on a team in order to win. Tommy Hackenbruck, 2nd place finisher in 2009 and perennial top-10, opted for the team event this year and they got the win. Expect more of this to come next year.
  13. We’re all going next year, and getting a VIP Suite. It was hot out, and I physically could not drink enough water.
  14. The food was awesome – it was probably the finest collection of food trucks – mainly Paleo – ever assembled.
  15. The After Party was just amazing. I literally walked right up to Annie and talked to her. Same with Camille, Elizabeth Akinwale, Jason Hoggan, the CrossFit Central Team, Talayna, etc. If you have not seen Annie Sakamoto breakdance prepare to be stunned. She is shockingly talented for a 40 year old Asian woman.
  16. They need to consider moving the Masters divisions to their own comp because it is simply impossible to watch both. Everything runs concurrently and you have to pick and choose. They deserve every bit of our attention because they are even more inspirational – they are mothers and fathers, grandmothers, doctors, lawyers, school bus drivers- regular folks. To win at the individual level right now you have to be pretty young and have a good set of genetics. To win at the masters level you just have to have a bigger heart. They give me goosebumps.