Some thoughts on Summertime.

Full-blown summertime is nearly upon us. I could tell the season without even looking at the calendar - because I just have to look at attendance. Classes are a little smaller, and attendance is overall a little lower.

To some degree this is normal, and expected. Summer is a busier time for physical activities - bike rides, volleyball games, and hiking trips. We love that about Denver - that people are so active at so many things. We certainly don't want to discourage it.

But we DO want you to remember why you joined us in the first place - think about your goals.  If you wanted to drop 30 pounds by the 4th of July, you'd better get in there. If you've got some beach time scheduled and you wanna look your best, maybe you should think of not skipping the gym in favor of the bike ride - or find a way to do both.

We specialize in small time investments with huge dividends - an hour in the gym here and there that pays off the rest of the week in terms of increased confidence, performance, appearance, etc.

We want you to have more fun in your life - remember that on Day 1 we told you that the point of the gym is life, not the other way around.  Don't let the beautiful weather derail the progress you've been making.

Workout for 5/21/2012:

Strength: 12 Minutes to Establish 1rm Snatch Balance Level 1: 12 minutes to PRACTICE snatch balance


12 minute AMRAP of:

7 Strict Pullups (level 1 ring rows) 14 Pistols (alternating) (level 1 air squats) 21 V-Ups (level 1 situps)

Don't know what level 1 means? Ask your coach!