We'd like to give all 8 Elevation athletes that donated their time, compassion and energy in Saturday's Phoenix Multisport's Colorado Gives Day Row-A-Thon! Everyone performed well, had a blast and raised money for an incredible cause.

Each team had to rack up as many meters as possible in a 90-minute window. Ben, Hans, Dan and Kevin's team claimed first place with 23,888 meters! Dang that's a lot of meters boys!!! 

Tommy Gun and the Amazons took second place with 22,176 meters. Hot damn, Elevation really showed up and did work! We're all so proud!

You can still provide your support for our community and the continued efforts of Phoenix Multisport by donating here.

1x20 HBBS at 5 pounds heavier than last week.
EMOM For 8 minutes: 4 strict pull-ups / 4 strict C2B / 4 pull-up negatives / 4 ring rows / 2 strict MU

With a 10 minute clock:
Buy in: 400m Run
...in remaining time AMRAP:
8 Hang Power cleans 135/95#
5 Burpees over the bar