My people! Next time you see Alysia, thank her for resolving all the website issues. Now you can cherry pick all the workouts you want now that Alysia is posting the daily wods. I'M JUST KIDDING! Cherry pick NOTHING!

Alysia is such an important human in our community: generous, dedicated, kind, funny, adorable, and a beast on the mats. Seriously, there's so much we can learn from her. So grateful for all you do, Alysia!


Holiday Schedule:
December 24th, Sunday: CLOSED
December 25th, Monday: CLOSED
December 26-30: Normal Schedules
December 31st, Sunday: CLOSED
January 1st, Monday: CLOSED

Tomorrow we will post HOME WODS for you to enjoy in the absence of the CFE facilities, courtesy of Coach Sarah. You're welcome.

EMOM for 30mins
1: Row 15/12
2: 15 KBS 53/35
3: 15 Push ups
4: 24 Jumping lunges
5: Rest