Athlete Spotlight

Tommy Simon

Some of us have developed the habit of checking the white board before we do anything else at the gym, scanning the scores for Tommy’s name. “What did Tommy get? Damn it.” It’s one of our favorite habits.

Because as much as you want to resent Tommy for his athleticism, how effortless he makes chest-to-bars look, he’s a great guy with a winning personality and an infectious smile. Tommy represents what makes the community at CrossFit Elevation so unique and valuable: he’s kind and warm, he kicks our butts with all that body-resistance business and pushes us to work smarter and always try harder.

We’re thrilled to ring in the new year with Tommy as our Spotlight Athlete of the month. 

A little background into the man.

Name: Tommy Simon
Hometown: Birmingham, MI (Detroit-ish, kinda... not really)
Professional and educational background: Project Manager at Lockton Companies (Commercial Insurance) and went to college at Denison University
Sports participated in: Basketball at Denison, baseball and basketball in high school
Time in CrossFit: 2.5 years

Why CrossFit?
One of my college buddies got into it and suggested I check it out. He is currently on a CrossFit sabbatical but promises to return one day. 

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?
Even though I am still pretty inflexible, I believe stretching before and after workouts has helped quite a bit. Growing up and throughout college I was steadfast in my commitment never to stretch – resulting in tight hamstrings, hips, etc. So, it is a work in progress.

What has been your ultimate achievement in the sport of CrossFit? For instance, have you experienced a breakthrough, and if so, what led to it?
Eclipsing 20 rounds of Cindy was good. 25 is next!

What is your biggest challenge?
Lifting. I know that it is sacrilege to say, but I don’t really enjoy lifting. Weights are heavy and generally seem quite content on the ground. However, I understand the importance of lifting and am committed to improving my lifts in ’16. I’ve even decided to buy a pair of lifting shoes. The great thing about Elevation Nation is there is no shortage of expertise and passion for lifting among the coaches and members!

Do you follow a particular diet?
Not really. I try to eat mainly meat and veggies – but I don’t follow anything strict. Also, I never skip breakfast.

Do you have any recommendations/advice for your Elevation Nation teammates?
I think that mixing in cardio- be it sprints, long distance running, long rowing workouts, etc. helps in longer workouts. 

Also, do yoga (I don’t follow this advice but I should).

What is your ultimate goal as an athlete?
Great question. At one point in time it was to play in the NBA. Looks like that ship has sailed – so I need a new goal. In the short term- improve my kipping muscle ups and form on my snatch.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
Chance favors the prepared mind.

From whom or where do you draw your inspiration?

Burning desires???
In the gym, not really – just keep having fun working out with cool people.

10 minutes to 5RM Power Snatch
EMOM for 5 minutes: 5 Power snatches @ 85% of above

12 minute AMRAP
10 Thrusters 95/65#
12 Push ups
Run 200m