CrossFit Elevation, Denver 303-827-4115

CrossFit Elevation, Denver 303-827-4115 Workout for 120426:

Strength - Make up what you have missed from the week so far.

Conditioning - "Christine" 3 rounds for time row 500m 12 Bodyweight 21 Box Jump 24/20

Midline: 3 x 5/5 Turkish Get Up

Evolution 2.0 To-Do List - in no order 1. Take your measurements. 2. Get some tupperware. 3. Take "before" photos. 4. Throw out all the bad food in your house. Don't go nuts and eat it all. 5. Get a food scale and measuring cups. 6. Buy some fish oil. 7. Figure out your zone blocks. 8. Buy a new bikini. Or daisy dukes. Or a muscle shirt. Cut off jean shorts, even. Whatever is motivational. 9. Buy a decent water bottle. 10. Learn to cook.