Athlete Spotlight: Holley McBroom

We are elated to announce our Fall Spotlight Athlete, Holley! As an athlete, Holley continues to make impressive gains with a sincere dedication toward improving her health and fitness. As exemplified in her accomplishments listed below, Holley is ambition. Her fierce intelligence and vast curiosity keeps her engaged in the world around her, as she constantly seeks a deeper understanding of her capabilities and potential. She seeks to further her education, then turns her challenges into strengths. Top all that with a warm personality, a generous spirit, and an easy laugh.

Seriously, Holley, you rock.


Name: Holley McBroom
Home town: Shreveport, Louisiana
Profession and educational background:
     Physics teacher at Colorado Academy, LCDR(s) US Navy Reserves
     MS Physics, Georgia Tech
     BS Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University
Sports participated in: Other than flag football in college and as a young adult, no real organized sports for me. I was a dancer for most of my childhood, ages 6-18.

Time in CrossFit:
           Two years this November!

What got you started in CrossFit:

I have dabbled in so many fitness programs over the years – spinning, running, weight training, kickboxing, you name it. I was working out with a kettlebell coach in 2014 when she decided to close shop, and I was a bit lost trying to find a replacement program. Having been exposed to CrossFit through the military, I thought it was out of my reach – too hard-core or too complex for someone with a limited athletic background. Despite my hesitation, my kettlebell coach encouraged me to give it a try, and within the week, I was a member at CrossFit Elevation.

What is your biggest accomplishment in CrossFit, thus far?

Overhead squats! For the first several months in CrossFit, I couldn’t squat more than a few inches in an overhead position without falling over. My overhead weight hasn’t increased much since then, but I can reach full depth, and that feels great.

You've made tremendous strides with your athletic performance. What do you attribute that success to? In other words, how are you doing it?

Persistence and great coaching. Showing up and being willing to put in the work is key, and I am grateful for my coaches providing me the progressions and feedback I so desperately need to improve my technique.

Do you follow a particular diet?

I have followed a Paleo lifestyle for the past two and a half years. It just seems to work best for my body. I no longer have daily migraines, my cholesterol is down 70 points, and I feel better overall. I try my best to listen to my body, give it what it needs, and choose foods that are going to support my health and keep me feeling great.

What are you most proud of since starting CrossFit?

My progress in Olympic lifting. I decided to spend 2016 working on technique, and while I have far to go, I am so proud of how far I’ve come.

What is your biggest challenge?

Not comparing myself to others. During my first few months at Elevation, I made great strides on par with so many others who joined the gym around the same time. Then shortly after, I realized that these same people were surpassing me in every respect – gymnastic skills, max lifts, endurance. I had to come to terms with the fact that everyone is on their own path, and that my only competition is myself.

Do you have any recommendations/advice for your Elevation Nation teammates?

Be in it for the long haul. Take care of yourself so that you can continuing doing the great work that you do for many, many years to come. Oh, and enjoy your pain-free years while you can!

What is your ultimate goal as an athlete?

While I have several smaller goals such as gaining technical proficiency in Olympic lifting, cracking the code at kipping pull-ups, linking toes-to-bar, etc., my ultimate goal is to stay healthy and strong so that I can continue living life on my own terms.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

Be careful what you practice, because you will get better at it. Seems simple, but it’s important to remember that this goes for good habits as well as bad. I have no need to get better at my bad habits.

From whom or where do you draw your inspiration?

So many people and places. Anyone who demonstrates grace, strength, generosity, and kindness; all characteristics I truly admire. Places that are vast and silent and full of possibility bring me peace and inspire me to be my best self.

Burning desires???

I have no idea how to address this one. There are plenty of things I would like to do and experience, but overall, I am pretty happy with my life as is. My professional and personal goals are always evolving, and I typically do what is needed to achieve them. If I’m not willing to take action, it must not be that burning of a desire!

1x20 HBBS, take 60 lbs. off your 5RM HBBS
EMOM for 4 minutes: 4 strict pull-ups, 4 strict C2B pull-ups, 4 pull-up negatives, 4 ring rows, or 2 strict muscle-ups

8 minute AMRAP
8 Hang power Snatch 115/75#
50 Double-unders