A few quick reminders:
This Thursday, we will only have one WOD at 9am. Come earn your turkey!
This Friday, we will only have one WOD at 10am. Come earn your leftovers ;)

Also a quick note about my new biggest coaching pet peeve: People stopping in the middle of a WOD to walk over to the drinking fountain. First of all, there really is no reason that you should be stopping for a water break at all if the WOD is less than 20-30 min long. You should be drinking water all day before you even get to the gym, but if you are already dehydrated when you walk in the door, a few mouthfuls of water in the middle of the workout are not going to make a significant difference. Not only that, but it can actually upset your stomach if you have water sloshing around in there. So if you are in an 8 or 10 minute WOD, try to get out of the habit of using a water break as a stalling technique.

That being said, if your mouth is super dry or you just NEED a drink of water, please bring a water bottle! Stopping to walk over to the water fountain not only disrupts your own workout by 30-60 seconds, but it is not ideal to have people walking back and forth across other people's spaces while they are trying to swing a kettlebell or put a barbell overhead. So BRING A WATER BOTTLE. Please and thank you.

EMOM for 14 mins
even:3 Snatch Deadlifts @80% of 1RM
odd: 2 Snatches @80% of 1RM

5 Squat snatches 155/105
5 Pull ups
4 Squat snatches
10 Pull ups
3 Squat snatches
15 Pull ups
2 Squat snatches
20 Pull ups
1 Squat snatch